Monday, January 17, 2011

Stamps Collections

The Queens Collections
My first blog. I'm creating this blog in honoring my late grandfather on their effort collecting stamps around the globe since 1920's. I believed some of the stamps are extremely rare and got some value. My late grandmother telling me bedtime story every night about the peoples, about hopes and journey. One of the stories is about how patient my late grandfather was collecting stamps from around the world by writing letter with pen pals.

Pict on the right is my collection from United States of America  
Denomination: 1c
Color: Blue green
watermark: Double-lined "USPS" 

Pict on the left,
Ref :
VALUE:  Unused, Hinged (pair) $100,000.00                                        

I have never met my grandfather. Only heard a few stories from my mother. He is a teacher, very strict with his children. My aunts and uncles hardly speak directly with him. He always spent most of the time after works in his study room. I remembered my mum had told me, that room full with books, journals, old medals and cups. On the left side of the room, there is one old desk. On that desk he put old typewriter. Below the desk there is one box full of letters posted from his pen pals from all over the world.

That is how he managed to collect hundreds of stamps. Writing letters, communicate with pen pals. From country that not only understand English but even from Argentina, China, Czechoslovakia, Deutches, Korea, India and even from Burma. Until now, it is still in mystery how he communicates with all of his pen pals.

Republic of China
One of my collection from Republic Of China with the printing 3 Cts on 4c slate-gray,

1925 surcharged in red on second Peking printing 3 Cts on 4c slate-gray, surcharge inverted error, used
Price Realized: $276,000.00

Ref :
There are also several countries that I do not even know which part of this world that countries are located. Polska, Magyar Posta, Helvetia, CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack ???) 
Searching through Wikipedia, CCCP also known as The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or USSR. And one of weirdo stamps  I found from country named “Republika Popullore E Shqiperise” (hardly to spell even to pronounce)

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